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ivendPay is the world’s first multi-currency payment system that allows you to accept payments in any cryptocurrency, electronic money or Fiat.

  • - The lack of a single universal means of accepting payments of all types – cryptocurrency, Fiat, electronic money

  • - Buyers - owners of cryptocurrencies are limited in the choice of means of payment for the purchase of goods and services

  • - Sellers of goods and services fear the volatility of the cryptocurrency market
  • - The terminal for payment of any goods and services via QR-code anywhere through any payment mobile application with any cryptocurrency or electronic money integrated into ivendPay.

  • - ivendPay terminal can be installed at any point of retail sales and integrate an unlimited number of digital and electronic currencies.

  • - In the ivendPay system, instant conversion of digital assets into electronic ones is made for crediting to the seller’s account.

Payment module for vending machines

To pay in the vending machine, you need to install the payment module ivendPay, which will connect the payment system of the machine with the mobile payment application of the buyer. Non-cash payment with cryptocurrency or electronic money is made by QR code.

  • Choose currency
  • Select item
  • Generating QR code
  • Pay from your wallet
  • Get the goods

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ivendPay mPOS terminal

To pay in conventional stores and other points of sale, you need to install a mPOS terminal, which will allow you to accept payment from any mobile payment application of the buyer, including cryptocurrency wallets, using a QR code.

  • Dual screen
  • Printer
  • NFC

We Accept

This following currencies right now

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Why ivendPay

Accept crypto

We integrated Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Viacoin, Groestlcoin, SmartTradeCoin, Gobyte etc

Fast and Secure

The payment process takes less than one minute. Our system provides the security of the payment.

Simple setup

Our modules are fully equipped and can fit any vending machine. Get a module now and easily install it yourself on your machine.


Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that


Viacoin integrated on iVendPay!

What is iVendPay you might wonder? iVendPay is the world’s first multi-currency payment system that allows you to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, electronic money or fiat.


С 21 по 23 ноября в Москве прошла конференция CryptoEvent RIW

С 21 по 23 ноября в рамках проходившей в Москве недели российского интернета (RIW) впервые в России состоялась международная конференция CryptoEvent RIW, посвященная криптовалютам и блокчейну. Мероприятие посетило около 15 000 гостей, в число которых вошли инвесторы, маркетологи, разработчики, майнеры и просто энтузиасты криптовалютной отрасли.


Interview: iVendPay Founder Sergey Danilov on Bringing Cryptocurrency Vending Machines to Asia

Smart vending machines capable of handling cryptocurrency payments will be installed throughout Malaysia and Israel by the end of 2018 as a result of a partnership between ivendpay and GoByte.


iVend Pay Showcases Dash-Enabled Vending Machine, Key InstantSend Use Case

A demonstration video of the iVend Pay prototype shows Dash being used for vending machine purchases, a key use case for InstantSend transactions.

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