ivendPay became an EmTech partner at the World Economic Forum in Davos

EmTech Invest Hub is taking part in the WEF with a series of exclusive events organized by the EmTech International Investment Association and the EmTech Metaverse, covering top news in DeFi, sustainability, NFT, immersive reality, holograms and global finance.

ivendPay as a partner of EmTech Invest Hub will take part in panel discussions and meetings with audiences on sustainable development in finance and technology. The main tasks of crypto communities are to be able to work around the world, reduce costs and enter new markets. ivendPay offers a solution to these problems through the use of its payment system that accepts cryptocurrencies in retail and vending trade networks; as well as when paying for parking services, for example. This provides owners of cryptocurrencies with the opportunity to freely use their wallets around the world. Crypto coins on the other hand are provided with transactions that work to boost their capitalization. Sellers will be able to attract an additional solvent audience without significant investment.

EmTech will present the concept of “Smart Cities based on Blockchain”; panel discussions will be held with participation of well-known speakers from the Gulf countries, Europe and the USA. The venture capital community will gather at the EmTech Investment Hub in Davos on May 24th. Participants include venture capital funds with more than 500 million assets under management, private investors, and extremely fast-growing blockchain and technology projects such as ivendPay.

If you are taking part in the World Economic Forum in Davos we will definitely see you! If you work remotely, then join the EmTech Metaverse — the Davos digital realm!


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