ivendPay payment system: Q2 2020 results

Vending networks in Hong Kong
Thanks to ivendPay payment system (Ivendpay OÜ, Estonia), vending machines in Hong Kong have started accepting cryptocurrency payments together with OCTOPUS. In particular, a large private vending network OVESER Vending Services is connected to the ivendPay payment system. According to OVESER owner Warton Chieng, cryptocurrencies are accepted by 70 retail outlets, including local Disneyland, football fans associations, hospitals, universities and other locations with a large traffic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you could buy disposable masks and antiseptic in Hong Kong vending machines with cryptocurrency, switching back to food and beverages after the end of the quarantine.

Payment interface for products in OVESER vending machines, Hong Kong
Payment interface for products in OVESER vending machines, Hong Kong

Connecting the ivendPay payment system to vending machine networks takes about 2 weeks and does not cause any difficulties for merchants. The ivendPay service uses the REST JSON protocol and open API, friendly Alipay API and WeChat Pay. Encrypted data is transmitted over the HTTPS channel.

Mr. Cheng said that the payment system ivendPay works without failures throughout Hong Kong, the list of cryptocurrencies available for payment is quite wide. There are 17 cryptocurrencies available for payment in ivendPay — OVESER marketers can choose any cryptocurrencies popular in Hong Kong from the list.

The app developed by ivendPay for Worldline bank terminals
ivendPay (Ivendpay OÜ, Estonia) has now become a Wordline partner and now is working with the corporation in developing payment apps for bank terminals. The first app developed by ivendPay lets users of bank terminals use cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

To use the app you will need to go through an activation proces. From the moment you go through registration cryptocurrencies will be added to the list of available payment methods. Customers will be able to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method out of a certain list and through a QR-code pay using any wallet that they have on their smartphone.

CEO of ivendPay Sergey Danilov stated earlier that the cryptocurrency payment app ivendPay is the first and so far the only universal solution that doesn’t require anyone to buy a seperate crypto-terminal or to pay via tokens through a payment system. It is very easy to activate and start using ivendPay for anyone who owns Wordline terminals as well as customers. The seller only needs to add the cryptocurrency payment system, while the customer only needs to put his smartphone up to the terminal using his crypto wallet.

The payment app will be available for the most popular terminals VALINA and YUMI Wordline, that are used all over the world in retail and vending sales.

The developers ivendPay took into account the characteristics and needs of vending trade and retail. The ivendPay payment service is one of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange partners that supports BNB as a means of payment.

Wordline — is a French payment services developer who originally came from Atos IT company (ATOS.PA). Following the purchase in 2019 of its rival Ingenico Group (INGC.PA) for € 7.8 billion, Wordline became the largest EU payment service provider and payment terminal manufacturer in the EU and the fourth largest in the world.

Smart vending machines Invenda will have an integrated payment system ivendPay on board
The ivendPay payment system is integrated into vending machines, kiosks and other self-service equipment of the Swiss company Invenda Group AG. Invenda is one of the world’s most reputable manufacturers of smart vending machines and kiosks. Invenda vending machines are equipped with customer recognition tools and interactive screens for broadcasting advertising offers depending on the customer’s gender, age and preferences. Invenda equipment customers include Mars, PepsiCo, etc. The Invenda smart vending machine network already has 4,000 locations in the EU and the US and is rapidly expanding.

In accordance with the partnership agreement, ivendPay has provided its SDK (software development kit) to the developers of Invenda Smart Machines. After the integration process is completed, the ivendpay cryptocurrency payment service will be available to owners of vending machines and kiosks around the world.

McAfee’s Ghost Coin can be found in all vending machines connected to ivendPay in Hong Kong
Developers of the company ivendPay are completing the integration of the McAfee’s Ghost Coin cryptocurrency into the payment service. After testing the Ghost cryptocurrency wallet, Ghost Coin payment will be available in all vending machines connected to ivendPay. Owners of retail chains in Hong Kong, Europe, the United States and Africa have shown great interest in McAfee’s Coin, as the charismatic cryptocurrency owner John McAfee is a perfect advertisement for the business.


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