Crypto payments

Let’s consider ivendPay’s competitive advantages:

Integration with cryptocurrencies: ivendPay offers a unique opportunity to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, which sets it apart from competitors who do not offer this functionality.

Instant payments: ivendPay offers instant payments, meaning that customers can receive payment for sales immediately. This is a significant advantage compared to traditional payment systems, which can delay payments for several days.

Ease of use: ivendPay is easy to use, making it attractive to small and medium-sized businesses that do not want to spend time and money on complex systems. Additionally, ivendPay provides flexible customization tools that allow businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements.

Security: ivendPay ensures a high level of security for all payments, which is important for businesses and their customers. This includes protection against fraud, data encryption, and other security measures.

One of the lowest fees for usage, only 0.5 %.

Wide range of features: ivendPay offers a wide range of features, including integration with payment gateways, the ability to issue invoices, and automation of accounting, making it useful for various businesses.


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