IvendPay offers a range of e-commerce solutions designed to enhance your online business with innovative payment plugins and APIs. Here’s a brief overview:

Before installing any IvendPay solutions, it’s essential to have a merchant account. Quick registration for a merchant account with IvendPay is available. You can access the registration link here: IvendPay Merchant Account Registration. This step is crucial for integrating IvendPay’s e-commerce solutions effectively.

WooCommerce Plugin:

  • IvendPay has developed a plugin for WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform on WordPress.
  • This plugin enables seamless integration of cryptocurrency payments into your WooCommerce store.
  • More details and download options for the plugin can be found in the WordPress plugin repository: IvendPay Payments for WooCommerce.

Separately for WooCommerce:
In 2023, there are over 4.4 million active stores on WooCommerce, a significant increase from the 1.77 million in 2020. WooCommerce is used by 93.7% of all WordPress e-commerce sites and holds a 38.74% market share among the top 1 million sites using e-commerce technologies.

OpenCart Extension:

  • IvendPay offers a specialized extension for OpenCart users.
  • This integration simplifies cryptocurrency transactions in your OpenCart-based online store.
  • Additional information and download options are available on the OpenCart marketplace: IvendPay for OpenCart.

The State of OpenCart:
As of 2023, OpenCart demonstrated a robust presence in the e-commerce market. This platform is distinguished by its flexibility and offers a variety of customization options, making it popular among online store owners, especially those looking for an economically advantageous solution without a monthly subscription fee.
– A particularly large share of OpenCart stores is concentrated in the Russian Federation (16.8%), Ukraine (7.8%), Turkey (3.3%), and Greece (3.1%). In these countries, OpenCart enjoys significant popularity.
– The majority of OpenCart stores, about 97.7%, have an unknown number of employees, indicating widespread use among small and medium-sized enterprises. Also noteworthy is that a large number of stores on this platform (18.8%) sell between 1 to 9 different products, which may indicate a specialization or focus on certain market niches.
– The technological aspect also deserves attention: many stores on OpenCart use tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Adsense, and Google Analytics, demonstrating a commitment to effective data management and marketing analysis.

Shopify Integration:

  • IvendPay’s solution for Shopify is currently in the testing phase.
  • This integration aims to provide the convenience of crypto payments to Shopify store owners.

Here are the key statistical highlights for Shopify in 2023:
– Shopify Market Share:
Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform in the USA with a 32% market share.
Shopify accounts for 27% of the top one million e-commerce sites.
– Number of Shopify Sites:
Globally, there are over 3.76 million live websites operating on Shopify.
69.67% of Shopify sites are registered in the USA.
– Shopify Plus Statistics:
Shopify Plus is used on more than 6,000 sites worldwide.
– Shopify Economic Activity:
Shopify generates over $300 billion in economic activity annually.
Shopify creates more than 3.6 million jobs.
– Shopify Trading:
Shopify stores generate over $20 billion annually in cross-border sales.
– Usage of Shopify Apps:
The average Shopify store uses 6 Shopify apps.
Sources: Ecommerce Platforms, Style Factory Productions, Capital One Shopping, Exploding Topics.

PrestaShop Plugin:

  • IvendPay is also testing a plugin for PrestaShop.
  • Upon completion, this plugin will allow PrestaShop users to easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

As of 2023, here are the key figures for PrestaShop:
PrestaShop’s popularity is significant in France (13.8%), Spain (10.2%), Poland (8.0%), and Italy (7.3%).
Approximately 97.2% of PrestaShop stores have an unknown number of employees.
19.3% of PrestaShop stores sell 1 – 9 different products.
The total number of companies using PrestaShop is around 102,680, mainly in the retail sector.
For detailed information, refer to the sources: Store Leads, Sitolog, W3Techs, W3Techs — Market Report, and Enlyft.

Direct API Integration:

  • For those who prefer a more customized solution, IvendPay offers an API.
  • This API allows direct integration of IvendPay’s payment system into your website.
  • Comprehensive documentation and guidelines for the API are available here: IvendPay API Documentation.

Using IvendPay’s plugins and API in online trading offers several advantages:

  • Low transaction fees — only 1%.
  • Security and confidentiality through the merchant’s personal account.
  • Quick installation — in just 5 minutes.
  • Attracting a new audience interested in cryptocurrencies, potentially increasing turnover.
  • In the context of the growing e-commerce market, expected to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, using IvendPay solutions in e-commerce promises significant potential for expanding business and attracting new customers.

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