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Online shopping with ivendPay — e-commerce

Global e-commerce sales are expected to hit $5,5T in 2022 which is comparable to the GDP of Japan, Germany and the UK. And smartphones are the preferred way to order online.

Cryptocurrencies are wider than assets for investing and trading. Huge brands such as Gucci, Nike, Adidas and Sotheby have adopted cryptos in their work.

IvendPay API is easy to integrate, run and use as a plugin allowing website visitors to pay with 30+ cryptocurrencies. The number of cryptos accepted is growing as the company is open to new integrations.

All transactions are encrypted in a blockchain and are safe for both sellers and buyers.

Customers can easily, seamlessly and quickly buy goods worldwide without the need for local fiat conversations.

Sellers increase the conversion rate and reduce the number of abandoned carts as their website becomes friendlier from users’ perspectives. Also, crypto payments are cheaper for sellers compared to acquiring due to lower fees.

Sellers have no delays in payments with cryptos as it often happens with debit and credit cards.


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