Crypto payments

IvendPay comments on USA retailers switch on cryptos

More than 85% of retailers are willing to use cryptos for purchases in the next 2 years according to Deloitte research.

2K+ companies took part in the research and almost all of them consider stablecoins use will be everywhere in 5 years.

The research was held at the end of 2021 and covered grocery retailers, clothing chains, hardware stores, pharmacy chains and ets.

“We consider it a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers as now people may use cryptos out trading platforms and exchanges” — comments Sergei Danilov, an ivendPay founder.

“Crypto payments increase conversion rates for e-commerce sector according to different researches. Companies providing crypto payments now seem to be more friendly and flexible and their websites meet the users’ requirements the best”, — continued Sergei.

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