How tokens are integrated into the IVP payment system

IvendPay integrates tokens and coins into our payment system, we already work with 30+ tokens and coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Cake, Litecoin, Uni and others.

We want our ultimate users to get a convenient, evident and satisfying crypto experience and have the opportunity to use their cryptos in real life without borders.

IvendPay team is open to new integrations with well-known or growing cryptos. Let’s talk about what the integration process looks like.

First of all, you need to leave a request on our website after that we will contact you and clarify all the necessary information.

We take care of our end users and reputation so all the projects should pass scam verification. We pay attention to trading volume, the number and activity of the project community, and WhitePaper and Road Map statements. You may provide us with the CoinMarketCap link of your project in the first email so we have access to the project details. The scam verification takes 3 working days.

In case the project passed the verification we sign a contract. Every project has a personal manager that helps in solving all problems. For the contract signing, we need the project particulars and payment received.

Then the work starts! To integrate the project’s token into IvendPay we need at least 7 working days and CTO with the IT team involved. Coins with a personal blockchain may take more time for integration.

After the integration is completed, we test the token usage via IvendPay devices to except any errors.

We provide our clients with technical integration as well as marketing support. Our basic payment plan includes a promo video of the purchase with the integrated token in IvendPay vending machine, adding the token on our website in the “Partnerships” category, and adding the token icon to the side of all vending machines released after the integration was completed.

No matter when the token was integrated into the IvendPay system, it appears in all new vending machines and POS terminals as means of payment all over the world.

IvendPay’s goal is to create a wide international coverage of PoS terminals and vending machines that will popularise the use of cryptocurrencies as a unit of payment and integrate cryptocurrencies into the real economy. Today we have terminals in Hong Kong, Estonia, Switzerland, France, Nigeria, Mexico, Macau, Dubai and 5 countries are in the process of connecting.

Time to extend crypto users all over the world — time to integrate into IvendPay!


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